Tim Coleman

Keep it short mate... 

After studying International Politics at King's College London and a brief stint working for a think-tank in Westminster, I quickly realised that it wasn't for me. Turns out politics is a world of power-hungry, narcissistic megalomaniacs. Who knew? 

I escaped into the creative industry thanks to someone leaving a window open at COPA90 - which I'll lazily analogise as the Vice Media of football - where I met a handful of incredibly talented and impossibly generous people who taught me everything I know. 

I left to work at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, and returned just over a year later. I loved Wieden, but Amsterdam didn't really suit me. I don't like cheese, weed or tulips. I'm now back in London, freelancing. 

I love this job because of the people it allows to me collaborate with, the relentlessly challenging environments and the demand for constant evolution and learning. 

Without wanting to sound like a Miss World contestant, I care deeply about what I do, and try to pour my heart and soul into every moment - on every project - because what's the alternative?  

Now let's go make something. 

Say hello: tim@tim-coleman.co.uk

Call me Shirley: (+44) 07768770568

A young creative confronted with the stark reality of what he is. 

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